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  • Tendinopathy: Diagnosis & Treatment

    Tendinopathy is primarily a clinical diagnosis made by your physio from your history and physical tests done in the clinic. As tendinopathy is usually due to a change in tendon load, there will often be a change in your usual routine. Common examples are increasing running distance, increased lifting or increased computer work. Pain is […]

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  • “Tendinitis”, “Tendinosis” or “Tendinopathy”?

    Tendinopathy pain is a common condition that is present in many areas of the body and can be a long-term and restricting condition. In addition to this, the seemingly interchangeable terms used by doctors, specialists and physios can make what is already complicated and frustrating condition confusing for patients. Common tendinopathies include Plantarfasciitis, Achilles, Patella […]

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  • The age old question: When can I get back to training?

    It doesn’t matter whether you run, swim, kick, lift or throw, injuries are often debilitating and infuriating when your goal is to get back to a beloved activity as quickly as possible. Injured physio patients tend to go through a modified Kubler-Ross five stages of grief; firstly denial, then acceptance, followed by anger, depression and […]

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